Aerosol Migrants - LMNO

Happy bday to my bro @aztec951 I love you motherfucker.   (at Central Park New York City)
at Williamsburg Waterfront Piers
@jonnysview - check it ! he’s got some real ill shit.
shouts to @kickjamestsc for holding it down in NYC #killeverygram

whattt the fuckk!
Had the opportunity to do a Photoshoot for @filthy_kings on they’re recent release - check’em out! Big thanks to the homie @jay1_hundred for this opportunity, looking forward to working with him in the near future - give him a follow. #FilthyKings #Way2ill #LosAngeles
at Williamsburg Waterfront Piers
dear Jesus…fuck social media. amen. 🙏 (at Grand Central Station)